Leave No Trace Courses

Leave No Trace Ireland strives to educate all those who enjoy the outdoors, about the nature of their recreational impacts, as well as techniques to prevent and minimize such impacts. Leave No Trace is best understood as an educational and ethical programme, not as a set of rules and regulations

The Seven Principles of Leave No Trace
1. Plan Ahead & Prepare
2. Be Considerate of Others
3. Respect Farm Animals and Wildlife
4. Travel and Camp on durable ground
5. Leave What you Find
6. Dispose of Waste Properly
7. Minimise the Effects of Fire

Leave no Trace Awareness Course

The third tier of Leave No Trace training is the Awareness Workshop. An Awareness Workshop can be any formal Leave No Trace presentation that is one-day or less in length. These presentations can include a wide variety of programmes, ranging from a 30-minute presentation to a day-long workshop. Experiential-based training in an outdoor setting is encouraged.
These workshops are designed for educators, children, college students, outdoor professionals, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, trail crews, hiking club members and others interested in Leave No Trace skills and ethics. The course leader for an Awareness Workshop can be a Leave No Trace Advanced Trainer or a Leave No Trace Trainer. Participants receive introductory training in the skills and ethics of Leave No Trace.

Workshop topics include the underlying concept of minimum impact recreation and the seven principles of Leave No Trace:
• Plan Ahead and Prepare
• Travel and Camp on Durable Surfaces
• Dispose of Waste Properly
• Leave What You Find
• Minimize Campfire Impacts
• Respect Wildlife
• Be Considerate of Other Visitors

Interested in learning more right now? Contact Philomena on 049-5552988 for more information.
These courses may be run as a 1-day programme or as part of residential Outdoor Education Programme

Leave no Trace Trainer Course

The Trainer Course is a vital component of the nationwide Leave No Trace programme. It is a shortened version of the Advanced Trainer course, in which participants receive introductory training in Leave No Trace skills and ethics in a condensed two-day format.
This two day course assists student participants in learning more about the seven principles of Leave No Trace, and techniques for disseminating these low impact skills.  Trainer Courses are designed for educators, guides, agency employees and other outdoor professionals.  Successful graduates of the Trainer Course gain skills to teach Leave No Trace techniques and ethics to their clients, friends and family.
Participants learn the concept of Leave No Trace and prepare to teach Leave No Trace curriculum in a variety of settings - such as schools, camps, parks, wilderness areas. Workshop topics include the underlying ethics and seven principles of Leave No Trace.

Core Components for Trainer Course Curriculum
• A minimum of 16 total hours of experiential instruction, 10 hours of which must be conducted in the field. One night camping is strongly recommended.
•  The role and function of a Leave No Trace Trainer.
•  The principles and ethics of Leave No Trace.
• Teaching skills and techniques and student learning styles.
•  At least one student led teaching exercise by each participant.
• Overview of the national Leave No Trace programme
•  The role and function of Leave No Trace Ireland


Advanced Trainer Course
• Advanced Trainer Courses are at the top of the pyramid, and after completing this level of comprehensive training, people go on to become Leave No Trace Advanced Trainers. The Advanced Trainers, in turn, teach people the second level, the Trainer Course, upon completion of which people become Leave No Trace Trainers.  The Advanced Trainers and Trainers both, are then eligible to conduct our third level of training, called Awareness Workshops, which are designed for the general public to learn, practice and promote Leave No Trace.
• An Advanced Trainer Course is typically five days in length and designed for people who are actively teaching backcountry skills or providing recreation information to the public.

Tanagh OETC Trainers Profiles
All of our core Instructing staff at Tanagh OETC are Leave No Trace Trainers and are successfully running Leave No Trace Courses and implementing Leave No Trace skills into their everyday outdoor activities.  We also have an Advanced Leave no Trace Trainer on our instructing team.

If you have a group of people or an organisation who would like to do an awareness session or become a Trainer please contact Philomena on 049-5552988
For more information on Leave no Trace go to www.leavenotraceireland.org

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