Forest School

Tanagh FOREST SCHOOL & BUSH CAMP CRAFT is an outdoor skills programme for children aged 6 – 11 and 12-16. The programmes are based fully outdoors and gives kids a foundation in outdoor skills and the natural environment from an early age. It promotes fun, engagement and excitement outdoors in a natural woodland environment, through meaningful challenges and activities. 
The unique settings light up the kids’ imagination and curiosity, invigorates them and inspires them to throw themselves into it in a free and engaged manner.  The environment, the programme structure and the Instructor’s approach all encourage a sense of discovery and exploration. The course fosters each child's development and learning – outdoor skills, environmental education, personal development - in a non-competitive environment.
Tanagh's FOREST SCHOOL & BUSH CAMP CRAFT is different from other outdoor adventure programmes, as it blends fun, outdoor learning and environmental education, and is underpinned by a strengths-based educational philosophy and the Leave No Trace principles.   
The forest school and bush camp craft programme both utilises the principles and power of strengths-based education and combines these with the well-documented benefits of the outdoor experience. This child-centred programme employs the key principles and advantages of experiential learning and an inquiry-based approach. Tanagh Instructors are encouraged to incorporate a variety of strategies in line with these principles as a feature of good teaching practice. 

Details of Tanagh’s Forest School and Bush Camp Craft
The programmes will provide a series of activities including-
• Leave No Trace,
• Camp Craft,
• Cooking Outdoors,
• Adventure Skills,
• Team Games,
• Navigation,
• Identifying Bugs & Creature, Flora & Fauna.

Taking part in Tanagh’s Forest School & Bush Camp Craft means getting dirty, (which we encourage), possibly wet and definitely having a great time.

To book a place please contact Philomena on 049-5552988 or email

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