Electronic Orienteering

Orienteering is an exciting and challenging sport that develops both fitness and map reading skills. It can be run as an individual or team event.
Our Orienteering sessions take place on the centre grounds and these courses are ideal for Beginners, Schools and Youth Groups. Participants get the opportunity to work together as a team using map reading skills to locate all the control points.
Advance Orienteering session take place in Dartrey Forestry which provides the perfect location for a more challenging Orienteering experience. These Orienteering courses are ideally suited to Youth and Adult Groups.
Tanagh uses electronic orienteering equipment for all orienteering courses which offers precise timing and accurate location.
Orienteering is an activity that is suited for all ages groups and here at Tanagh we can cater the courses to your needs so come give this excellent activity a try.

• Develops map-reading skills as aid to navigation
• Develops organisation skills
• Provides a real sense of adventure
• Fun
• Competitiveness

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